Lazy Keto Diet – Avoid These Abuse Diet

Lazy keto diet means that have not more than 20 grams of carbohydrates in a day without knowing the amount of calories as well as other nutrients such as protein and fats. This diet seems best for those who don’t like to count the calories or other things.

Unfortunately, lazy keto diet doesn’t allow you to reach the state of ketosis. Ketosis occurs when body stops using the carbohydrates for energy and start using the fats. When you are on ketosis your body burns the fats you eat as well as the stored fat from the body.

Ketosis is the result of keto diet and this can provide you with effective weight loss. The major drawback of the diet is that, it is very stick and hard to follow. Ketosis is not only restricting the carbohydrates and promoting the fat burning process.

When the carbohydrates are cut off body finds alternative to the carbohydrates. If you don’t count what you eat you can have protein and protein can become a source of glucose that is called gluconeogenesis.

So, eating too much protein in the ketogenic diet can cause the body to use the glucose as a fuel instead of ketones. Such practice can take away the ketosis process.

Problems of Lazy Keto Diet

Lazy Keto Diet

Here are the few problems of having the lazy keto diet [1].

Hungry all the Time

Fats are usually full of calories but they are hard to digest. If you don’t provide your body with the fats then you will be having the protein and you will not be in ketosis. You can leave your body in a state of energy limbo.

If the protein and carbohydrate intake is not restricted, you will not the ketosis process and you may also feel like you are completely deprived of energy. If the body is not burning the fats or the carbs then your body will be burning nothing.

The main purpose of reaching ketosis is the increase in the fat burning ability if you are do not have the fat burning then you will not have achieving anything from the diet.

Having too much Calories

All diets rely on the calories intake eating to have weight loss. Calories are so important on the keto diet because it can meet the need and it can promote the weight loss. Having low calories can also be bad for the body so you need to have a balance between the diets.

Might Miss Essential Nutrients

Carb rich plants as well as fruits are not allowed on the keto diet. This means that you have to avoid many essential fruits and vegetables. You can satisfy your body nutrients requirements with the help of supplements.

Balanced keto diet can provide you with all the vitamins as well as minerals that a lazy keto may lack.

The strict ketogenic diet can be made by registered dietitian or other medical professionals. You can meet the essential nutrients if you let the professionals make the diet plan.

Almost every diet is customizable to satisfy the individual need. This is why it is very important to work with the professional to know which diet works the best for you.

Keto Supplements

Keto dietary supplements often contain BHB ketones that work in such a way to mimic the working of the natural ketones. The ketones can enhance the burning of the fat in the liver. When more energy is generated by the body you will feel full and energetic.

The keto diet can leave you with energy loss as well as other symptoms, supplements are there to reduce the symptoms of the ketosis.

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